Sadie Somerville, candidate for Archives Committee

I came to the Arden Folk Gild for years before falling in love with my Arden house and moving to Arden in 1993.

I was elected to Arden Archives committee shortly after moving here and have served on the committee for almost 25 years. I have a deep interest in the history of the Ardens, the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Arts, and Georgist economics.
It is my pleasure to run for another term for Arden Archives. I have served as secretary and treasurer for many years. I was involved in the fundraising and founding of the Arden Craft Shop Museum, which opened in the Craft Shop in 2004.
I initiated the task of bringing a museum curator to the museum and holding an annual fundraising campaign to help maintain and support the archives and museum activities.

DATE: 2/26/18