Reserve the Field Theater


2310 Woodland Lane, Arden, Delaware 19810

The shaded Field Theater in Arden, Delaware, is available for events — $100 for private occasions and free for public events. It is the site of the Shakespeare Gild performances in June and a popular location for weddings.

  • SEATING: Wooden benches circle a stage area, as shown in the floor plan below. There is seating for 96.
  • POWER: Electricity is available and there is lighting for evening events.
  • PARKING: Visitors to the theater can park on village streets on the side of the road AWAY from the Arden Green, with two wheels off the road. Parking is not allowed on the Arden Green except in exceptional circumstances for public events, never for private weddings or other private occasions.
  • fieldTheaterSeatPhotoNO BATHROOMS: There are no bathroom facilities.
  • DIRECTIONS: Click here for directions to Arden and to the Field Theater, 2309 Woodland Lane, Wilmington DE 19810.

Make A Reservation

Click here to see the Village of Arden Use Permit. Please fill out the form and hit submit. We will be in touch shortly.


We recommend that you reserve a rain location.

Two nearby locations offer indoor shelter for events in case of rain. They are a 5-to-10-minute walk away from the Field Theater. Also, they can serve as a second location for an event should you want a reception. Also, they offer parking not available at the Field Theater.

The Village-owned Buzz Ware Village Center

Gild Hall, run by the non-profit Arden Club

Click here to see a map of Arden, Delaware.


Field Theatre Seating