Tree Removal Form from the Trustees

Click here to see the tree removal form. It should be sent to the Trustees of Arden.

Excavation Permits

Before excavating any Village of Arden right-of-way, a permit is required. Please print of the form below and mail it to the village.

Excavation Permit in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat)

Reserve a Room at The Buzz

To reserve a room at the Buzz Ware Village Center, click here to visit the Buzz website.

Reserve the Field Theater

Click here to learn about the outdoor Field Theater, a popular spot for weddings.

Reserve Indian Circle, a Green, or a Road

If you or your group would like to use or have a fire at Indian Circle, or have an event on one of the Greens, or want to use Village roads for your event, please contact the Village Secretary at 302 475-3516. Click here to see the Village of Arden Use Permit. Please fill it out and hit submit.

Permits Calendar

Click here to see the Permits Calendar we are developing.

Vacant Dwelling Registration and Fees

Click here to learn more about Vacant Dwelling Registration and Fees.

Budget Committee Forms

Forms used by the Budget Committee and Treasurer