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Village of Arden
2119 The Highway
Arden, De 19810

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Sherwood Green parking area

Indian Circle
Frank Stevens Field Theater
(Bench seating approx 90 to 100)

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Note the Village is not responsible for any personal items left unattended

RULES OF COMMONS: Village of Arden, Ordinance #4
Fires are not permitted except at Indian Circle (subject to county burning bans). Fires must be extinguished, extra wood removed and trash must be removed at the end of activity.

Greens – Parking is not permitted on the Greens except by special permit request.

Temporary equipment may not be left erected overnight, except by special permit.

Hazardous equipment and firearms prohibited.

No damage to trees, plants or structures.

Debris and all personal items must be cleaned up and removed at end of event.

Illegal drugs and alcohol consumption is prohibited.
Fee(Private Use Only- $100.00

Payment: Check payable to:
Village of Arden
Amount $100. Include a copy of this form with your check.

I, the Permitee has read and agrees to the above statement.

In consideration of the receipt of this permit from the Village of Arden, the Permittee hereby releases the Village of Arden from all injury and any liability of any kind arising from the Permittee’s use and occupancy of the Village of Arden property and agrees to indemnify and HOLD HARMLESS the Village of Arden, its agents, or servants. In no event shall the Village of Arden be liable for any damage or injury to Permittee or any agent or employee or Permittee or to any person coming upon the premises in connection with the Permittee’s use and occupancy of the premises. Permittee acknowledges that it shall reimburse the Village of Arden for any and all damage to the Village of Arden property, its agents, and/or its servants, as a result of the use and occupancy of the premises (ordinary wear and tear excepted) by Permittee, its agents, or servants, or by any person coming upon the premises during the Permittee’s use as an invitee or licensee of the Permittee. Permittee agrees that the rights and obligations under the permit and this agreement shall insure to and be binding on its successors and assigns.