Marcia Scheflen, candidate for Archives

WHO I AM:  I am a retired teacher, mother of four, and grandmother of seven (and counting).  My husband and I moved to Arden about five years ago, but I have been enchanted by it since we first moved to Delaware in 1993.  At first it was the forests and greens and interesting and varied houses and buildings that intrigued me. We started attending the Shakespeare and Ardensinger performances as well as the Arden Fair and the people we met and the concept of the self-governing village increased my desire to someday live here.  So when we retired and were downsizing, to Arden we came!

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS:  I think one of Arden’s wonderful qualities is the sense of history its people have always had.  So much was documented, photographed and preserved for those who would come after.  I love reading excerpts from early Arden pages and going through old photos looking for recognizable landmarks.  The Arden museum is a treasure trove of these, and I recently volunteered to help with its current project to digitize the extensive photo collection.  I would greatly enjoy further involvement with this important aspect of our village.

Date submitted: March 19, 2017, for 2017 election