Jeffrey Politis, candidate for Town Assembly Chair

WHO I AM: I moved into the Ardens in 1999 and moved to Arden in 2000.  Pam, my wife, and I were drawn to Arden because of the strong sense of community we felt in a short visit while looking for a place to live. In fact, we rented our first house in Ardentown — sight unseen. Since moving to Arden, I have served on various town committees, including Budget, Community Planning, Forest (original member), and Playground. I have also been an Assessor multiple times and was on the Avery task force. In addition, I was the treasurer of the Arden Club for a number of years, and the treasurer for the Arden Swim Gild. I currently live on Walnut Lane with my wife, Pam, two boys, Jackson and Jacob, and our dog, Fluff.  I love Arden — the people, the camaraderie, the dissent, the opinions, the woods, the greens, the arts — the variety.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: Over the course of my professional career and private dealings, I have successfully collaborated with a variety of people who had a variety of opinions, I have organized and facilitated large meetings, I have planned and managed budgets, I have led projects and project teams, and I have solved problems. I am a practical and reasonable person who has a scientific, curious mind and a love of problem solving. Although I am not confrontational, I do not shy away from confrontation. I am open and honest and try to show people respect. I have happily served as Town Chair the past four years and look forward to serving again.

Updated for 2019.