Jeff Martin, candidate for Forest Committee

As a new resident of Arden, I look forward to participating in and contributing to my adopted community, my new home. I’ve been blessed to witness the sunrise from the highest peak in New York, Mt. Marcy, and the sunset from the 12,000+ ft. summit of Baldy Mtn. in New Mexico. When I moved here, before I explored Gild Hall or The Buzz Ware, I strolled the trails of the Arden Woods and Sherwood Forest.

As a geologist, I am knowledgeable of the natural processes that have graced us with our wooded lands and continue to shape the nature we experience. Having worked as an environmental consultant for nearly 20 years, I am experienced with the numerous challenges that threaten to impact our forests. Arden’s founding principles incorporated nature and natural beauty into each resident’s daily life, and its forests and woods continue to contribute to the holistic health of the community. I would like to offer my education, experience, and knowledge to further Arden’s tradition of advocating for its forests and their preservation. Rock-hopping down Namaans Creek and frolicking along the trails of Sherwood Forest should be a cherished memory of many generations to come.

DATE: 2-19-2018