Jeff Martin, candidate for Community Planning

WHO I AM:  Y’all know me. In the 2-½ years I’ve resided in Arden, I’ve made an honest effort to participate in the community. For being a relative newcomer, I would like to think that I’m not doing too bad at giving what I can of myself to my community, my home. In addition to assisting with various projects and events here and there throughout all the Ardens, I am a sitting member of the Forest Committee, where I will continue to serve with dedication, and I organized (with plenty of help) last summer’s ’Grass on the Green: A Pickin’ Picnic. Like I said, y’all know me.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS:  I concluded my statement last year with “Rock-hopping down Namaans Creek and frolicking along the trails of Sherwood Forest should be a cherished memory of many generations to come.”  “Many generations to come” will be my focus on the Community Planning Committee, where I want to look toward the future of our community and preserving our heritage and traditions into the future for many more to enjoy and participate in.  Arden has an absolutely amazing history, but to have a history, you must have been around for a bit. Arden has been a beautiful, well-functioning community for more than a century, and I want that to continue. Arden is “well-experienced.” Since Arden was founded, designed, and developed, the world has evolved.  Pressures and stressors on our community have changed. The climate is changing, urban sprawl has closed in around us, and traffic has and will continue to increase. These are simple examples. Is Arden’s infrastructure up for the challenges that we will face? Can we prepare for these challenges? Preparation is about planning. I’m an old Eagle Scout;  I believe in “Be Prepared.” I believe in looking to the future and seeing what I can do to be prepared. I believe in planning. I want to to share that with Arden and my cherished neighbors. Community Planning is where I can effectively give to my community.