Insurance Inspection

I met today (January 14, 2014) with our insurance agent and our insurance company’s inspector. Before our meeting, they inspected the Buzz Ware Village Center and the rest of the village. At our meeting, they discussed the insurance issues affecting the Village of Arden. Meeting with us were two trustees: Mike Curtis and Carl Falco; the three members of the Buzz Ware Village Center Committee: Randy Hoopes, Toby Ridings, and Bill Theis; and The Buzz building manager, Bev Fleming.

Our discussion quickly went beyond The Buzz. In particular, our insurers want all contractors to have have a certificate of insurance, with the Village of Arden as a named insured. Also, all contractors should have proof of liability and workers compensation insurance. This is true for contractors doing road work, plowing snow, working in the forest, mowing lawns, and working on The Buzz. Additionally, we should be asking some organizations that rent The Buzz to have the Village of Arden as a named insured. I have asked the BWVC Committee to formulate a policy that spells out which renters should be required to do so.

We assured our insurers that if someone reports a problem with our roads, our road signs, or our playground equipment, the village responds in a timely manner. Our insurers suggested that when regular playground inspections are made, the Playground Committee should use a checklist that is then kept as a record to show due diligence. This is being done.

I was impressed with our insurers and, I think, they were impressed with us.