Town Charter, Ordinances

Town Charter (Act to Reincorporate)

Click here to see the town charter of the Village of Arden on the State of Delaware website.

You will see three links at the end of the charter on the Delaware site. They are links to
• An Act to Reincorporate (identical to the town charter), plus two subsequent amendments to the Act to Reincorporate:
• changing the voting age of a resident from 21 to 18 (May 27, 1971), and
• changing the Registration Committee from 3 members to 5 members (June 1, 1993)

An additional amendment to the Delaware Code, exempts Arden and all towns using the direct democracy form of government from keeping written voting records for individual voters. Click here to view that amendment from June 1, 1993.

Village of Arden, Delaware

Here are links to Arden’s ordinances, and brief descriptions of each ordinance. Want more info or found a problem? Please contact the Village Secretary at 302 475-3516.

Ordinances 1 & 2: Arden Safety Code – a summary of the 48 pages covering police, pedestrians, automobiles, bicycles, etc. Ordinance 2 revises the fines in Ordinance One. Sorry, but the full versions of Ordinance 1 and 2 are not available.

Ordinance 3: Transfer of Local Services – Providing for the transfer of certain local service functions from the Village of Arden to New Castle County.

Ordinance 4: Use of the Commons and Forests – To preserve the community forests, greens and other commons, the listed acts are unlawful.

Ordinance 5: Noise – The residents of Arden wish to maintain the Village of Arden as a quiet place and to insure their freedom to enjoy a quiet environment.

Ordinance 6: Excavations in Village Roads – To provide for an acceptable standard of road restoration in cases requiring excavation through or into the roads of the Village.

Ordinance 7: Discharging Rifle, Etc., or Other Explosives – No person shall fire or discharge within or into the Village of Arden, any rifle, gun, pistol, revolver, or any other appliance, whether projecting or exploding, or of any explosive nature.

Ordinance 8: Dog Control – Dogs must be licensed, collared, accompanied by owner at all times, etc.

Ordinance 9: Mini Bikes – Shall not be operated on greens or pedestrian paths, or in the forests.

Ordinance 10: Public Utilities – No one shall tamper with public utilities and they shall be made difficult to tamper.

Ordinance 11: Encroachments on the Rights of Way – Residents must refrain from improperly using areas between leaseholds and paved roads or paths, commonly known as the right-of way.

Ordinance 12: Amendment of Ordinance 4 – Use of the Commons and Forests. Adopted June, 1982.

Ordinance 13: Off-Street Parking – Residents are to park on their leaseholds and not in the street. Visitors may park on the street during the day with two wheels off the pavement, but not overnight.

Ordinance 14: Certification Process for Leaseholds with ADUs. A one-time opportunity for leaseholders to certify pre-existing Accessory Dwelling Units.

Ordinance 15: Vacant Dwelling Registration – Dwellings vacant over a year must be registered with the village and pay a registration fee.