Grace Ressler, candidate for Community Planning & BWVC

WHO I AM:  Hello All! I am currently a member of Community Planning and hope to continue on the committee & am also running for for the Buzz Ware Village Center Committee.  I’m an Adjunct Instructor in Communications at Rowan University and Delaware County Community College,  focused on Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. I love all creative activity here & all things about our village, even the kerfuffles.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS:  I was a  Community Organizer in Culver City, CA & Co-founder of the Downtown Neighborhood Organization. We endeavored to engage the community in proceedings at City Council and elect women to office, protect the community from unbridled oil company fracking, and support cultural initiatives such as The Actor’s Gang and the Kirk Douglas Theatre. I worked at Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing.

DATE: 03/22/2019