Sample Ballot March 2017 Election

The Village of Arden will hold its annual Election of Committees and Officers at the March 2017 Town Meeting, March 27, Gild Hall, 7:30 p.m. All Arden residents 18 years of age and older, whose primary residence is in the Village of Arden, may vote. To learn about Absentee Voting, click here.

Who is running for committees and officers?
See A sample of the final ballot by clicking the link below.

You may not use this SAMPLE ballot for voting. Ballots will be distributed at the start of the March 27 Town Meeting. Ballots are also mailed to voters requesting and absentee ballot.

All committees have met their minimum required number of candidates. Committees may also have more than the minimum number of nominees. (See the Registration Committee nominees, for example: four nominees are needed for two positions; there are five nominees on the ballot.) The deadline for nominations was the March Advisory Meeting on Monday, March 6. Nominations are now closed.

Nominees are invited to post a short statement to help your neighbors know who you are and what skills and interests you might contribute to a committee. Click here to submit your statement.

Click here to read the nominee statements. They will be posted as they are received, so check back closer to the election to read as many statements as possible.