Deborah Ricard, candidate for Audit Committee

WHO I AM:  I have been a resident in the Ardens for almost 20 years and have lived in my current home on the Arden Green for 16 years. After 32 years as a State of Delaware teacher, I retired in 2007. Shortly after I formed my own small educational consulting business. My community past service includes membership on the Archives and Forest Committees as well as volunteer time at the Buzz Ware Village Center. Currently I am Secretary of the Arden Craft Shop Museum Board, Membership Chair and Board member of the Arden Club and member of the Board of Assessors.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: Some of my professional skills that will help me perform as a competent member of the Audit Committee (if elected) include my long history of reviewing my own finances (both personal and business) regularly to be sure my record of income and expenses is complete and  documented, my attention to detail and organized thought in all written correspondence and my pursuit of  perfection in any project or task assigned to me.

DATE: 2/24/2019