Danny Schweers, candidate for Chair of the Advisory Committee

WHO I AM: Schooled in physics and philosophy, having worked at Stanford University and M.I.T., I have been self-employed most of my life in typesetting, graphic design, writing, editing, website design, and now photography, which I teach one night a week at the Delaware Art Museum. I am President of the Brandywine Photo Collective and Secretary of the Washington Printmakers Gallery. I am a member of the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew and will serve a bit longer as adjunct staff to the Episcopal Bishop of Delaware as a writer and photographer.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: I served three years as Chair of the Town Assembly in Arden and so am all too familiar with the duties of village officers. After two years, it is time I once again serve a community that continues to bless me. I believe I can best do that as Chair of the Advisory Committee. I have also previously served as Town Secretary, have served on Archives and Community Planning, and have twice served on the board of the Arden Club. My wife and I have lived in Arden since 2000, the Centennial Year.