Cookie Ohlson, Audit Committee

In June I will have been an Arden resident for 26 years. I retired from teaching English and Middle School Gifted Seminar in 2005. Since then, I have been engaged in the arts, travelling, and enjoying life in Arden.

I can balance my checkbook! Seriously, I have been on the Audit Committee for most of my time in Arden. Originally we only reviewed the outside audit for our approval to be presented at town meeting. Since then the job has mushroomed into reviewing the books and accounts at least 3 times a year, doing special audits when requested and reviewing the Trustees’ outside Audit. The committee and I have gained knowledge of the flow of money through the Arden accounts. We work to resolve inaccuracies, which, fortunately, are few. I would like to continue this service for Arden.

Updated 2/18/18