Safety Committee

established March 1968, revised January 1981 by Town Assembly

The Safety Committee, broadly speaking, handles safety issues. It replaces and installs stop signs, no-parking signs, etc., throughout the town. It acts as liason with the New Castle County Police, but it does NOT handle complaints or emergencies: those should be referred to the police. The Safety Committee works with County and State police forces, but only in an advisory capacity.

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  • For emergencies, call 911 right away. Arden does not have its own a law enforcement officers, but relies on the County.
  • For non-emergencies, call New Castle County Police at 573-2800. Again, Arden does not have its own police force.


Report Incidents to the Safety Committee

SIGNAGE: Also please report missing or damaged signage to the Safety Committee for repair or replacement.

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Crime Map: New Castle County’s

Dog License FAQ:

Natural Gas Safety

Do you have concerns about natural gas safety or about natural gas pipelines in our area? Delmarva Power has many answers on their website. Click here. There you will find a telephone number to use to report gas leaks (302 454-0317), safety tips, winter safety tips, and links to PDF documents including What You Should Know About Pipeline Safety andWorking Safely Near Gas Utilities.