Registration Committee (Elections)

established by the Act to Reincorporate

The Registration Committee maintains an accurate record of current voters and conducts elections: the annual Budget Referendum and election of the Board of Assessors; the March election of committees and officers; and other special referendums, such as the confirmation of a trustee. Historically, the committee also counts votes at the Town Assembly.

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This page is maintained by the  Registration CommitteeHere you will find committee meeting dates & minutes and dates of upcoming electionsthe latest election results, plus a list of Town Assembly motions relating to the duties of the Registration Committee. For an explanation of Arden’s election procedures or for past election results, please see our separate page: Election Procedures & Records.

Election Results: Budget Refendum & Election of Board of Assessors

Ballots were counted on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the Buzz Ware Village Center. Click the link to see a summary of the results. Thank you to everyone who voted and to the big group of volunteers who helped the Registration Committee conduct the election. Detailed budget results (including the actual budget figures) will be posted on the Election Procedures & Records page and the Budget Committee page shortly. 

Complete Committee List

Click here to go to the current list of committee members and officersFor a brief description of what the committees do and how much time commitment is involved, see “Arden: Here’s How It Works.”

Registration Committee Meetings

The Registration Committee does not hold regular monthly meetings. We meet and discuss committee business immediately before each vote count (March committee elections, fall referendums), to convene the committee within 30 days of the March elections, and as needed to handle other election business. Visitors, observers and helpers are welcome at any of the Arden elections and our occasional meetings, which are posted here and on the bulletin board at the Buzz Ware Village Center.

Minutes of Registration Committee meetings

2017: March 28 | April 8 | Oct 10  
 April 5 | April 10
2015: March 24 | April 7
2014: June 3 | Oct 2
2013: April 11

Minutes are stored at the Village Office at the Buzz Ware Village Center. Minutes which are not available on this website may be accessed during regular office hours by contacting the Registration Committee.


Links to our most recent election results can be found on our Election Procedures & Records page. Results of all elections are stored at the Village Office at the Buzz Ware Village Center and can be accessed during regular office hours by contacting the Registration Committee.

Motions Affecting the Registration Committee

Below is a list of motions, passed by the Town Assembly, which relate to the Registration Committee. For the full text of these motions, see Town Assembly Meeting Minutes and Motions. Any resulting action by the Registration Committee is also noted below.

• Motions prior to 2005 will be posted as the committee works backward through the records. Records not posted on this website are available in the Village Office during office hours.
• Jan 2005 – Sept 2015
3/22/2010 – 12.10.  
In writing the absentee ballot policy, the Regis. Comm. consider methods of increasing participation and introducing candidates.  Action taken: Affidavit requests for an Absentee Ballot are available from the town website and Village office from Jan. 15 each year. Absentee balloting is publicized. Candidates are invited to post statements on a Candidate Statement web page.
  Regis. Comm. to establish an absentee voting procedure for the March Election of Committees and Officers by March 2012. Action taken: Absentee voting in place for March 2012 election of Committees and Officers. Number of absentee ballots cast is noted on all election results.
• Jan 2016 – current
Registration Report (not a motion): 6-month waiting period for voter eligibility eliminated to comply with federal and state law. [Delaware law will be cited here]
9/25/2017.  Communications. The above-cited Delaware law makes an exception for the direct democracies of Arden, Ardentown and Ardencroft. After consultation with the town lawyer, The Village of Arden will return to its previous requirement of 6-months residency for voter eligibility.


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2017-18 Registration Committee: Cecilia Vore (chair), Barbara Henry, Elaine Hickey, Barbara Macklem, Jan Westerhouse.