Vacant Dwellings

Vacant dwellings in the Village of Arden, Delaware must be registered annually. The registration fee begins at $500 for the first year.

Properties vacant for more than a year must be registered, and a registration fee paid, by January 31 of the following year.

If you received a letter in error declaring your property has been vacant for the past year, please send proof of occupancy to the Town Secretary, Village of Arden, 2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810.

Additionally, a leaseholder has the right to a one-time waiver for a year of both the registration form and fees under certain conditions such as a leasehold under renovation or a leasehold for sale or lease as specified in Section VII of Ordinance 15. Mail your request for a waiver to the Town Secretary, Village of Arden, 2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810.

Click here to read Ordinance No. 15: Vacant Dwelling Registration and Fees.

Click here to see the Arden Vacant Property Registration Form.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vacant Dwelling Registration Ordinance

  1. What is the purpose of this ordinance?
    The purpose of this ordinance is to require leaseholders who own a dwelling in Arden that is vacant for over a year. It is not focused on leaseholders who reside on their leasehold and have  Additional Domicile Units (ADUs) on that leasehold.
  2. Who will administer this process?
    Administration of this ordinance is performed by the Village Secretary and Community Planning Committee. Together they manage the process of this ordinance.
  3. If I own several ADUs and some or all are vacant during a year, must I register?
    Under section III [B] Occupied there are several ways in which you will not have to register or you can appeal.
  4. How does the registration process work?
    The Village Secretary will obtain a list of houses vacant for over one year from the Registration Committee during October each year. In November the Village Secretary will send a letter with registration form to these leaseholders. Leaseholders who receive this letter have 30 days to contact the Secretary if they want to appeal, obtain a waiver or provide information showing the house is not vacant for over a year. Leaseholders who have dwellings vacant over one year will need to register and pay their registration fee no later than January 31.
  5. Click here to read the final approved version of the Vacant Dwelling ordinance.