Audit Committee

established March 1968 by the Town Assembly

The Audit Committee of the Village of Arden consists of three elected members. It performs internal, sometimes random, audits on the books and accounts of Arden. The committee verifies statements of receipts and disbursements for every committee and examines the town’s financial statements. Each June, the Audit Committee reviews the external audit prepared by an outside agency and presents its report to the town.

            The Audit Committee has four scheduled meetings per fiscal year. Additional meetings may be called for random, specific audits of books and/or accounts that are pertinent to the town’s financial business.

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Audit Committee Minutes:

The Audit Committee does not have minutes because it does not vote on anything or make any decisions or changes. Or spend money. Our meetings are all working meetings where we go over the books. It is the same every time. Instead of minutes, we make reports to meetings of the Town Assembly. Click here to see the minutes of town meetings.

Audit Comm Mtg Minutes Apr 10 2019

Audit Comm Mtg Minutes Jun 12 2019

Audit Comm Mtg Minutes Sept 17 2019


Financial Statements and Audit Reports are located on Budget Committee Page.