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The day-to-day tasks of running the village are handled by standing committees: these residents check the roads for potholes, prepare the budget, make sure our playgrounds are in safe condition, and serve the community in many other ways. For a brief guide to how village government is organized, and all the work volunteer committees do to keep things running, please see: Arden: Here’s How It Works.

The Board of Assessors, Budget Committee and Registration Committee were created under An Act to Reincorporate the Village of Arden, October 13, 1967. Other committees were established by votes of the Town Assembly. On each committee page (see links below) you will find a brief description of the committee and the dates of adoption and/or modification. The full text establishing each board or committee may be found on the Committee Descriptions page. Full language may also be found in An Act to Reincorporate the Village of Arden (also called the Town Charter) and Town Meeting minutes.

TOWN OFFICERS are described briefly on the Contact Us page. Full descriptions or links to full descriptions for each office can be found on the Committee descriptions: full text page.

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Nominate someone! Serve on a committee!

If you are interested in learning more about what the committees do, please see “Arden: Here’s How It Works.” Committee work involves a wide variety of interests, skills, and time. Some committees are busy throughout the year, some complete a task or two that are vital to the community, but not too time-consuming. All residents are encouraged to help with the work of keeping our town running by serving on a committee. There is plenty of work to be done: you can contribute to our quality of life in Arden by running for a committee. Newcomers DO get elected and incumbents welcome the opportunity to “pass the baton.” You can nominate yourself, and committee chairs would be grateful if you would.

After learning about the committees, if there is one that interests you, contact the chair of the committee (see the current Committee list) or contact the head of the Advisory Committee.