Cecilia Vore, candidate for Registration (elections)

WHO I AM: I’ve lived in Arden since 1981 and have been active on town committees, ACRA, and the Arden Club since I arrived, doing some jobs really well and some not so well (apologies to all I left stranded cooking hamburgers the one year I organized that at the Arden Fair). I have chaired the Registration Committee for a number of years, and am proud and grateful to serve with the many dedicated committee members and volunteers who run our elections.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: My computer skills are my big contribution to Registration; I created the database we use to keep our list of current residents/eligible voters, moving us from a card file system into the electronic age. My basic method of leading a committee is something I learned on the ACRA Board: keep a good “To Do” list of annual tasks, and encourage people outside the committee to help so you build a base for the future. While I look forward handing over my Registration duties to a new generation, I would like to serve another term. Registration is a good niche for me.