Candidate Statements — Board of Assessors

This statement page is updated as new statements are received.

Below are brief statements of those willing to serve on the 2020 Arden Board of Assessors. Click each headline or the “Read more” links to read each candidate’s full statement.

The election is conducted by mail-in ballot during the month of October. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 5, when they will be counted at the Buzz Ware Village Center. Candidates are listed below by last name, in reverse-alphabetical order.

Mark Wood

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Tom Wheeler

(2017 statement) 1. Experienced as an Assessor and has also co-written 2 alternative assessments. 2. Supports the traditional land based method of … [Read more...]

Laura Wallace

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Larry Walker

(2017 statement)  My experience includes serving as an Assessor two times, and was Budget Committee Chairman. If elected, I will not support the new … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Varley

(2017 statement)  My family moved to Arden in 1960 and soon became involved with all aspects of Village life. For me it was a natural thing to serve … [Read more...]

Rick Smyth

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Vicki Scott

I was born in Arden and spent a lot of my youth here. I returned permanently in the summer of 2018 when I purchased my parent's leasehold at Orleans … [Read more...]

John Scheflen

(2016 statement)  My wife Marcia and I acquired a leasehold in Arden in 2009 and moved to Arden in 2011. I have a basic understanding of the … [Read more...]

Warren Rosenkranz

I have served on the Board of Assessors for many years with a priority of applying fairness and prudence principles along with many years of Board … [Read more...]

Deborah Ricard

(2019 statement)  I am a 16+ year resident of Arden and served on the 2019 Arden Board of Assessors. Working collaboratively with the other assessors … [Read more...]

Pam Politis

(2017 statement)  I’ve been an Arden resident since 2000. While I have served in a variety of community activities over the years, I first served as … [Read more...]

Csognor Pinter

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Jean Mullin

No statement received yet. … [Read more...]

Albert Marks

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Chris Junk

No statement yet. … [Read more...]

Renata Brito-Cherrin

Renata Brito-Cherrin holds a B.A. in public policy from Hampshire College. She wrote her senior thesis, “Locating Race in Utopia,” partially on the … [Read more...]

Brooke Bovard

(2014 statement)  I’m a native Ardenite and raising my family here, and I’ve had the honor of serving on the Board of Assessors for most of the last … [Read more...]