Brooke Bovard, candidate for Safety, Archives, Community Planning

WHO I AM:  I am Brooke Bovard. I was born and raised in Arden, and attended the last years of the Arden School. I moved back to town in 1994, and have raised 5 excellent children here. You may know me from them, from my years of work at ACRA events, from my greeting at the Gild Hall during elections, from my work when I was on the Arden Club Board, from my spinning wheel, or from my work on various committees. I’m the red-headed one.

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS:  I am a skilled meeting-runner, having been a political activist since the 1970’s. I prefer consensus to majority rule, and I believe we all deserve a voice, while respecting the time constraints of busy people. Being practically empty nest, now, I have more time to devote to our government, and therefore have volunteered for more committees. I hope you will return me to Safety, where I have, over many years, developed connections to protect our municipality, but I would also appreciate your votes elsewhere. I love this town & the people in it.

DATE: 3/22/2019