Barbara Macklem, candidate for Registration Committee

Note: this is a revision of Barbara’s statement from 2017, when she ran for Archives. 

WHO I AM: Although I have only lived in Arden since 1997, my parents moved here in the late 1960s; so I have enjoyed being a part of Arden for much longer.  I am retired, with most of my work experience being in Human Resources and retail sales.  I currently serve on the Archives and Registration Committees and find that the more I learn about Arden’s history, that more interesting it is to be part of the present and the future.

My intersts are certainly in the Arden Craft Shop Museum, as well as helping in different jobs at the Arden Fair. I am reasonably well organized, rather good with detailed projects and I believe in our practice of a participatory democracy.  I also continue to be fascinated by the diversity and depth of the people in our Village.

Updated 2/18/18