Assessor Nominees Wanted

Put your name in! We need a minimum of 14 residents of the Village of Arden to agree to be nominees for Assessor in 2019. They will serve March, 2020 thru March, 2021. This requires attending five meetings or so.

If you would like your name on the ballot this fall (of 2018), please call Danny Schweers at 302 475-0998 or put your name forward at the Town Meeting on Monday, September 24, 7:30 p.m. at Gild Hall.

The assessors set the land rent rates for the Village of Arden. Happily for them, they set the single tax but do not have to collect it. No taxation without representation? Here is your chance to represent the Village of Arden.

As of 11am, Friday, September 21, we have 12 nominees: Brooke Bovard, Marianne Cinaglia, Dave Claney, Carol DiGiovanni, Chris Junk, Michelle Lauer, Mike Opelka, Pam Politis, Warren Rosencranz, Elizabeth Varley, Larry Walker, and Tom Wheeler.

To learn more about the Assessors, visit: