Form for Nominees – Village of Arden

Committee and Officer candidates: Please fill out this form! To help voters know the candidates better, the Registration Committee has created a … [Read more...]

Assessor Candidate Statements

Statements from the candidates for Assessors are now available. Simply click the link below. This document will be updated if additional candidate … [Read more...]

Parking Policy for Arden

Meeting Notice Parking Policy Path Forward Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Buzz Ware Village Center At the last Advisory Committee meeting … [Read more...]

Transformational Committee Meets Monday, July 9, 7pm at Buzz.

Arden has always been a place for dreamers, of people who believe that, working together, we can do something special. The next meeting of the … [Read more...]

Sadie Somerville, candidate for Archives Committee

WHO I AM: I came to the Arden Folk Gild for years before falling in love with my Arden house and moving to Arden in 1993. INTEREST AND/OR … [Read more...]

Mary Young, candidate for Buzz Ware

WHO I AM:  I am a relatively new resident of Arden and feel grateful to live in such a welcoming community where many are committed to its welfare. I … [Read more...]

Jeff Martin, candidate for Forest Committee

WHO I AM: As a new resident of Arden, I look forward to participating in and contributing to my adopted community, my new home. I’ve been blessed to … [Read more...]

Draft Ballot: Committees & Officers

Who is running? Which committees still need nominees? Election night is Monday, March 26, during the Town Meeting. All Arden residents 18 years of age … [Read more...]

Draft Minutes of Arden Budget Committee Meeting of January 17, 2018

Arden Budget Committee Minutes for January 17, 2018. A meeting of the Arden Budget Committee was convened on January 17, 2018 at 7:30 PM at the … [Read more...]

Affidavit for requesting an Absentee Ballot is available

If you will be unable to attend the March 26, 2018 Town Meeting, you can request an Absentee ballot. See the Election Procedures & Records page to … [Read more...]

Next Advisory Committee Meeting

Monday, June 4, 2018, 7:30pm at the Buzz Ware Village Center TENTATIVE AGENDA FOR ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING Official notices are posted on the … [Read more...]

The Next Town Assembly: Monday, Jan 28, 2019 • 7:30pm

The Town Assembly of the Village of Arden, Delaware, meets the 4th Monday of January, March, June and September at 7:30 p.m. in Gild Hall, 2126 The … [Read more...]

Draft Budget Committee Minutes from August 2017 Meeting

Arden Budget Committee Report for August 16, 2017. A meeting of the Arden Budget Committee was convened on August 16, 2017 at 7:30 PM at the Buzz … [Read more...]

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Dela Bryan, candidate for Forest Committee

WHO I AM:  My name is Dela Bryan, and I live with my husband Rob and daughter Katie (age 11) on Orchard Road. I would be thankful for an opportunity … [Read more...]

Jennifer Borders, candidate for Forest Committee

WHO I AM:  I have lived in Arden for 22 years and have served on the Forest Committee for 8 years.  I live on the woods and care deeply for our “Green … [Read more...]

Debbi Sheiker, candidate for BWVC Committee

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: I have served on the BWVC Committee from Oct 2015 to March 2017 as secretary. It has been my pleasure and a great experience … [Read more...]

Marcia Scheflen, candidate for Archives

WHO I AM:  I am a retired teacher, mother of four, and grandmother of seven (and counting).  My husband and I moved to Arden about five years ago, but … [Read more...]

Jan Westerhouse, Candidate for Registration

WHO I AM: Hi!  I'm Jan My journey to Arden started in the Midwest. I'm a graduate of Purdue Univ. & Indiana Univ.  From that education followed … [Read more...]

Tegan Harcourt, candidate for Safety Committee

WHO I AM:  I am an expected graduate of Hollins University in May with a major in international business, minor in Spanish, and certificate in … [Read more...]

Rowan Harcourt-Brooke, candidate for Safety Committee

WHO I AM:  I was brought up volunteering in Arden and, even since I've gone to college, I work on Arden projects when I'm home on weekends and during … [Read more...]

Frank Maier, candidate for Playground

WHO I AM: I am a 20-year resident of Arden & have spent many a day with my children and grandchildren playing on the playground. I think it would … [Read more...]

Steve Tanzer, candidate for Safety Committee

WHO I AM:  I’m (almost) a lifelong Arden resident. Previously worked for the Delaware General Assembly. Currently work at Trader Joe’s. I’m also a … [Read more...]

Grace Ressler, candidate for Archives

WHO I AM: Hello Neighbors, I am an Adjunct Instructor in Theatre at Delaware County Community College and in English and Speech Communications at … [Read more...]

Chris Junk, candidate for Forest Committee

WHO I AM:  My family and I have lived in Arden since 2010. I am passionate about science, the natural world, and Arden. I would be honored to serve as … [Read more...]

Warren Rosenkranz, candidate for Budget & Community Planning

WHO I AM: Short term resident of Arden (only 14 years) and firm supporter of open and transparent government. INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: I have owned … [Read more...]

Barbara Henry, candidate for Registration Committee

WHO I AM: My husband and I moved to Arden 17 years ago from Texas when I took a job with Christiana Care. I am a professional medical librarian, which … [Read more...]

Ruth Panella, candidate for Playground

WHO I AM:  I, now 70, am a 43-year resident who has greatly appreciated the open areas and playground equipment that Arden offers for our children, … [Read more...]

Jill Althouse-Wood, candidate for Forest Committee

WHO I AM: Mark and I have lived in Arden for 3.5 years, and the first year we moved here, every committee but Archives swooped down and asked us to … [Read more...]

Candidate Statements

Candidates may submit a statement. Voters can learn about the people who are running. Click here to read short statements from your neighbors who … [Read more...]

Danny Schweers, candidate for Chair of the Advisory Committee

WHO I AM: Schooled in physics and philosophy, having worked at Stanford University and M.I.T., I have been self-employed most of my life in … [Read more...]

Sample Ballot March 2018 Election

The Election of Committees is Monday, March 26. See who is on the ballot by linking to the Sample Ballot below. The annual election is held at the … [Read more...]

Mike Opelka 2018

MIKE OPELKA 2018 Having lived in Arden for the past nine years, I am a relative newcomer here and would offer a fresh perspective for this post. I … [Read more...]

Slide Insurance: Travelers Risk Control  

  Service Objective and Scope                                                                                                                         … [Read more...]

Cookie Ohlson, Audit Committee

WHO I AM: In June I will have been an Arden resident for 26 years. I retired from teaching English and Middle School Gifted Seminar in 2005. Since … [Read more...]

Cecilia Vore, candidate for Registration (elections)

WHO I AM: I’ve lived in Arden since 1981 and have been active on town committees, ACRA, and the Arden Club since I arrived, doing some jobs really … [Read more...]

Albert Marks (Al), candidate for Civic Committee

Note: Albert is also running for Community Planning Committee. WHO I AM: Hello. I have served on the Civic Committee for the last 3 years as … [Read more...]

Trash & Recycling Flier

Trash didn’t get picked up? Can you recycle pizza boxes? Get answers in the updated Recycling Flier. Our pick-up day has changed to Tuesday. The list … [Read more...]

Committee & Officer List

Here is a the most recent list of who serves on which committees in the Village of Arden, Delaware, and who serves as officers. Click here to see that … [Read more...]

Barbara Henry, candidate for Registration Committee

WHO I AM: My husband (Danny Schweers) and I moved to Arden in 2000 from Austin, Texas. We fell in love with the community and all the activities in … [Read more...]