Gary E. Quinton

Gary E. Quinton   I have lived in Arden for 11 years, learning much about our community through personal contacts and public meetings. I believe the “community standard of living” approach makes sense for levying land rent. I also strongly believe that our community should carry a prudent reserve that is only necessary to handle uncertainty in “outside taxes” (those from New Castle County) and our own budget. As an assessor, I would continue to evaluate our historic ability to spend our budget with judicious thought to the contingency in our “rainy day fund,” the Prudent Reserve. Since we settled our plans to manage the total reserve between the Town and Trustees in 2014, I will continue to bring forth ideas to manage our current overage in a robust fashion to the 2017 Board of Assessors. As a Six Sigma (Statistics) Master Blackbelt with DuPont, I bring my analytical skills to the Board of Assessors, as I have in prior Land Rent Assessments. I continue to be active in Georgist activities and am the current Arden Budget Committee Chairperson.