Archives for February 2015

Barbara Henry, candidate for Registration Committee

WHO I AM: My husband (Danny Schweers) and I moved to Arden in 2000 from Austin, Texas. We fell in love with the community and all the activities in … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Politis, candidate for Town Assembly Chair

WHO I AM: I moved into the Ardens in 1999 and moved to Arden in 2000.  Pam, my wife, and I were drawn to Arden because of the strong sense of … [Read more...]

John Martin, candidate for Budget Committee

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: I’m good with numbers :) … [Read more...]

Carol Larson, candidate for Forest Committee

INTEREST AND/OR SKILLS: I’ve served on the Forest Committee for 8 years and would love to continue, having found a calling in the work. I serve on the … [Read more...]