2013-09 Town Meeting, 8 motions

Eight motions made before Town Assembly of Arden in September, 2013

At its meeting on September 23, 2013, the following eight motions were presented to the Town Assembly of the Village of Arden. If there were other motions, you’ll find them in the minutes, which will be posted on the village website in October, 2013. Questions? Visit the town officers on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. at The Buzz, or call Danny Schweers, Town Assembly Chair, at 302 475-0998.

1) Treasurer: A motion was made by the treasurer to establish an Investment Advisory Board for the Village of Arden for the purpose of advising the Village on management of monetary gifts made to the village. These funds include the “Pendulum Fund”, that is, the money left to the village by Johanna Schroeder in her will, $397,383 as of Sept. 23. The officers of the village will continue to make decisions about how the funds are invested and spent, with the Town Assembly’s approval, but now they will have advice from people more competent in the field of money management. Motion approved. Read more…

2) Budget: A motion was made from the floor to move $2,000 in the Buzz Ware Village Center’s budget from the renovation fund back to operating expenses, so residents can approve it or not in the upcoming budget referendum. Once the Village Assembly understood that this $2,000 matches funds donated to The Buzz by the villages of Ardentown and Ardencroft, the motion was voted down to preserve that partnership. The renovation fund accumulates over time and is set up to cover heating equipment, roof repair, and other large-ticket capital expenses. The villages share in those expenses. Motion denied.

3) Civic: Should the village approve the removal a willow oak that is shading the Community Gardens? The willow oak would be replaced with another tree to be planted elsewhere on the Sherwood Green, all this work to be paid for by the gardeners. This controversial motion was made from the floor at the June meeting of the Town Assembly and was sent back for further study by the Civic Committee, which it did in July, August, and September. The motion was re-introduced at the September meeting of the Town Assembly. Motion approved.

4) Civic: A motion was made to transfer oversight of the Memorial Garden Sub-Committee from the Community Planning Committee to the Civic Committee. This motion had the support of both committees and the Memorial Garden Sub-Committee. The argument for this change was, in part, that Civic is responsible for maintenance of the greens and has the budget to pay for it. Recently, trees fell in Memorial Garden and the clean-up stretched the budgets of both the Memorial Garden and Community Planning. Motion approved.

5) Forest: In a motion from the floor, the town meeting authorized the Forest Committee to complete negotiations with the leaseholder at 2409 Woodland Lane concerning right of way to the garage, which was built away from existing access. It is hoped that this will end a controversial issue facing the village for almost a year. The motion was approved 36-15, with 5 abstentions.

6) Forest: A motion was made to increase the tree cover in Arden from 73.85% to 75% over the next five years. Approval of this goal will help secure monetary grants to the village. Motion approved.

7) Playground: A motion was made from the floor that no action be taken on removal of the Arden Green slide tonight and that the Playground Committee present detailed information concerning the safety deficiencies of the slide on the green at the next meeting. Motion denied. The Playground Committee considers plans to replace or modify it to get the slide up to current standards.

8) Buckingham Green: A motion was made from the floor that all money received from the Buckingham Green law suit settlement shall be put into a restricted fund to be spent by the Forest Committee for the restoration of damage caused by storm water coming from Buckingham Green. Motion approved.